Pantry Cabinet Paint Color

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you knew this moment of indecisiveness was coming. I can be going along just fine for weeks while working on a room, and then…BAM!  I hit that wall of indecisiveness. And that time in this pantry project came last night.

I’ve said from the beginning of this project that I wanted a purple pantry, but now I’m just not so sure. So I painted two plywood scraps with some paint that I had on hand. I have no idea what the purple is from, but it came out of a little sample pot of Behr paint called New Orleans. I don’t remember ever using that color, but it’s very close to the sample purple color that I painted on the actual cabinets. That purple is a custom mix that I used on the entryway wall before painting it the current color.

I don’t want to paint the pantry teal just because I’m obsessed with teal (although continuity and flow throughout the house isn’t a bad thing). And I don’t want to paint the pantry purple just to force myself out of my comfort zone and then regret it later. I really don’t want to be repainting my pantry in six months.

Are you surprised? I’m sure most of you expected me to use Iceberg. That was actually my plan until the last minute, and I had a change of heart. My reasoning was that if I do the birds and butterflies “wallpaper” in the breakfast room, I’ll need a super light background color for that pattern, and Iceberg is the natural choice. But I didn’t want Iceberg in two rooms.

So then the choice was between Smoke and Silver Gray. Smoke seemed to have just a touch of green in it, which really didn’t look great with my Gentleman’s Gray (dark blue) kitchen cabinets. But the Silver Gray looked awesome with the kitchen cabinets.

But can we also talk about the lack of rectangles everywhere? Doesn’t it look so calm and peaceful compared to this…

Yeah. This was definitely the wrong room for picture frame moulding. I really like how the door and window trim can stand out now.

Oh, and I’ve decided to keep the sunburst over the fireplace. Is it too big? Yep. But I’ve grown to really like it there. It’s like a rebellious little sunburst, thumbing it’s nose at rules and bursting outside of its prescribed borders. Maybe that speaks to me. Or maybe I just like big, shiny things.

Anyway, you might be wondering why I always crop those corner pictures in such a way that you can’t see into the kitchen and breakfast room through that doorway. Well, that’s because those cabinets are still green, and that will totally skew your opinion of this paint color. Silver Gray and my green kitchen cabinets do NOT play well together.

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